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Next in the Players of Utica Summer Showcase
Love Letters
By A.R. Gurney — Directed by Jane Metzger
Friday, September 9 - 7:30 PM; Saturday, September 10 - 7:30 PM Sunday, September 11 - 2 PM

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Don't Drink The Water: Comic chaos erupts behind the Iron Curtain when American tourists take pictures they shouldn't have.

The Mousetrap: The murderer always whistles 'Three Blind Mice' before he strikes. Find out why, in the world's longest-running play.

Agnes of God: Science is pitted against faith when a tragic death is revealed in a convent. Was it murder… or a miracle?

Sordid Lives: A hilarious comedy explains why you should never bury your mother in a mink stole during a Texas summer.

The Mod Musical SHOUT!: Five young women in 1960s London swing to life the fashions and dances and music (and hair!) that gave birth to the British Invasion.

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