Players Radio Theatre

“The Pathetic Fallacy” – by Wyllis Cooper

Back in 1948, the calculating computer was the size of two school buses and was the marvel of the age. But no one quite knew what this new “artificial intelligence” might be capable of. Well, Harold Quinn is about to find out!
Featuring the voice talents of Dave Dellecese as “Harold Quinn,” Kathy Leers as “Alice King,” Art Felshaw as “Sandy Burns,” and Jessica Kaczor as “Machine.”

“Three Sides to a Story” – by Wyllis Cooper

One evening in California’s San Fernando Valley, three friends — Clyde, Frances, and Victor — are walking down a long, quiet road. They each have a story to tell… of greed, betrayal… and murder.
Featuring the voice talents of Catherine Grace as “Frances,” Jim Revenaugh as “Victor,” and Mike O’Brien as “Clyde.”

“The Proposal” – A Comedy by Anton Chekhov

Ivan Lomov has come to the country home of Stepan Chubukov to ask for the hand of his daughter Natalya. But, of course, it doesn’t go as smoothly as Ivan had hoped!
Featuring the voice talents of James Davall as “Lomov,” Hana Meyers as “Natalya,” and Stephen Wagner as “Chubukov.”

“A Matter of Husbands” – A Comedy by Ferenc Molnar and translated by Benjamin Glazer

Famed actress Olivia Garfield is preparing for her evening performance when a young woman, Betty Miller, arrives in her dressing room accusing Olivia of stealing her husband! Olivia has encountered this sort of thing before and knows just how to handle it.
Featuring the voice talents of Joni DePerno-Zahas as “Olivia” and Danielle Priore as “Betty.”

“Laughing Man” – A drama by Nicolas Priore

Something a little different this time. In association with The Theatre of the Great Puppeteer, this non-canon one-man show in one act by Nicolas Priore is based on characters from “The Man Who Laughs” by Victor Hugo, as well as other staples of pop culture. The drama takes place in a padded cell and inside the mind of a character that will soon become familiar to you. A dark and fascinating journey.
Directed and performed by Raymond Corrado Knutsen.

“He Said and She Said” – A Comedy by Alice Gerstenberg, Adapted by Stephen Wagner

Enid and Felix Haldeman are planning a nice little dinner party when the evening is thrown into chaos by the town gossip, Mrs. Packard, who is spreading rumors about Felix and Enid’s best friend, Diana.
Featuring the voice talents of Lonnie Etter as “Felix,” Sarah Spiwak as “Enid,” Denise Morganti as “Mrs. Packard,” and Kelly Yule-Motyl as “Diana.”

“Fourteen… or The Most Successful of Hostesses” –
A Comedy by Alice Gerstenberg

Mrs. Pringle has an elaborate dinner party for fourteen all set… until bad weather upsets her plans. How will she, her daughter Elaine, and Dunham the butler cope with all the chaos?
Featuring the voice talents of Marilee Ensign as “Mrs. Pringle,” Valerie Able as “Elaine,” and Jason Francey as “Dunham.”

“The Boor” — A comedy by Anton Chekhov

A short radio play version of a one-act comedy by Anton Chekhov. A grieving widow is set upon by a man who is owed money by her late husband. Will he get his money from the stubborn widow… or something else?
Featuring the voice talents of Michael Beehm as Luka, Carrie Bostick as Mrs. Popov, and Stephen Wagner as Smirnov