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Auditions: A Man for All Seasons


August 1
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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Players of Utica
1108 State Street
Utica, NY 13502 United States
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Auditions: Wednesday & Thursday, August 1 & 2. 7 p.m. Theater lobby.


The Play:Drama. Sir Thomas More, a wealthy lawyer and loyal subject of King Henry VIII, accepts the title of Chancellor of England. The King expects More to sanction the divorce and his subsequent marriage to Anne Boleyn. More is caught between his obligations to the crown, his family, and his church. Open disapproval would be an act of treason. Public approval would defy his religious beliefs. Therefore, More chooses silence, hoping that by staying quiet he can maintain his honesty and avoid the executioner as well.Unfortunately, ambitious men such as Thomas Cromwell are more than happy to see More crumble.

Roles:10 men, 3 women


Director’s note: I need actors who can present like royalty, with dignity, people of power, people unto the manor born. Actors need to be good with words.


THOMAS MORE (late forties) An unwilling hero. Movements are open and swift but never wild, having a natural moderation. Intellectual but serious and compassionate.

THE COMMON MAN (late middle age) Wears black tights though he has a paunch, crafty, narrates, comments, and also becomes several characters in the drama.

RICHARD RICH (early thirties) A good body unexercised. An academic hounded by self-doubt in the world of affairs, he eventually destroys his conscience.

DUKE OF NORFOLK (late forties) Sportsman and soldier, conventionally dutiful. Not particularly smart, but More’s close friend.

ALICE MORE (late forties) More’s wife, absurd at a distance, impressive close to. Brave and hot-hearted, she adores her husband.

THOMAS CROMWELL (late thirties) An intellectual bully, out to get More.

MARGARET MORE (middle twenties) More’s daughter, well-educated and inquisitive. She understands her father better than anyone.

CARDINAL WOLSEY (old) A big decayed body in scarlet, ambitious and intelligent, now fallen to the king’s bad side.

CHAPUYS (sixties) A professional Spanish diplomat. Hides a political agenda under the guise of religious fervor.

WILLIAM ROPER (early thirties) Stiff and immobile, little imagination, now Margaret’s boyfriend. Full of high-minded ideals.

KING HENRY VIII The young man, clean-shaven, bright-eyed, graceful and athletic. NOT the Holbein portrait.

A WOMAN (middle fifties) Self-opinionated, self-righteous, indignant.

CRANMER (late forties) Sharp-minded, he treats the Church as a job of administration, lacking personal religiosity.


COSTUMES: In playwright Robert Bolt’s own words: “The costumes are also a matter for the designer, but I have visualized no exact reproductions of the elaborate style of the period. I think plain colors should be used, thus scarlet for the Cardinal, gray for More, gold for the King, green for the Duke, blue for Margaret, black and pinstripe for the administrators Rich and Cromwell, and so on.” I like this idea. We are not trying to reproduce Henry’s court, but rather interpret it.