New Doors Are Entranceway to Players’ Future

The next time you visit Players for a show, be sure to check out the two new sets of double doors in the lobby where the main stage will be! The project was made possible through a $10,000 gift by an anonymous donor and the installation of the new state-of-the-art doors was conducted by JM Door and took two days to complete in mid-November.

Players president Jim Gifford attested that it’s a helpful step in transforming operations from the black box to the future theatre.

“The doors show us in a real way where we are going. An entranceway points us in the direction we need to travel to complete the theater, and whose $10,000 donation reminds us how we will depend on peoples’ generosity to see us through,” Gifford said.

The progress in the lobby has been intensified in recent years and has created a more attractive sight to greet patrons as they enter the theatre. As the former Vice President of Operations, Art Felshaw helped oversee the transformation and feels that by gradually chipping away at renovations, we are making progress toward our goals, but we still have a long way to go.

“In 2015, the board adopted the recommendation from the building and grounds committee to follow a plan to make the black box theatre more serviceable by installing adequate electricity for lighting and raised seating and to provide more comfort and an aesthetically pleasing area to greet our patrons. This was accomplished by installing new restrooms and designing a coherent look for the lobby. The lobby is now nearly complete with the installation of the theatre doors,” Felshaw said.

Felshaw pointed out that even with all the progress that has been made, the creation of the main stage has a large price tag, and gifts to the organization however big small are needed at every stage of the project.

“The doors represent our next step in the plan. Players, like any not-for-profit theatre, cannot survive on ticket sales alone. It needs grants and donations from organizations and individuals. We had a generous donation from one of those individuals that enabled us to install the doors in hopes to stir others to help us reach our goals. The progress is slow but steady,” Felshaw said. “The installation of these doors reminds us that just beyond is the potential for a more rounded and fulfilling theatre experience for the amazing people who support us year after year.”

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