Here’s your opportunity to be on stage or back stage with Players of Utica!

Open Auditions for “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” – to be held on September 17th and 19th at 5:30pm at Players of Utica – 1108 State Street, Utica.

Show Dates: Nov. 10-12, 16-19, 2017


  • Dates: Sunday, Sept. 17 & Tuesday, Sept. 19
  • Time: 5:30PM – 7:30PM

All ages! Everyone welcome! No need to fear Shakespeare– this will be fun!!! There are over twenty speaking roles, several non-speaking, and lots of dancers. Below are descriptions of specific roles which are for any age/gender unless noted. Feel free to access this widely available play online. Any questions:

A Midsummer Night’s Dream: What’s it about?

Magic, song, dance, fairies, and lovers make up this tale of summer love gone wrong and then righted. No need to fear Shakespeare– this will be fun!!! In this lighthearted romp, The Duke of Athens, and newly conquered Queen of the Amazons are to be married and great celebrations are planned. A citizen brings his rebellious daughter in front of the Duke because, being in love with someone else, she refuses to marry. The Duke orders her to obey her father or die.

The lovers decide to elope and confide in their friend who, secretly in love with boy#1, and hoping to win his affection, tells him of the plan—causing all four lovers set out into the forest – home of magical and devious fairies.

Meanwhile, a group of Athenian tradesmen planning to perform a play for the royal wedding head to the same forest to rehearse. Elsewhere in the forest, the fairy king and queen argue causing merry complications among the humans, leading a girl fight, mayhem, and one of the most famous quotes from the play: “The course of true love never did run smooth.”

In Players’ version of this enchanting and hilarious play we will take your breath away as the humans collide with the lush fairy world creating bewildered lovers, swordfights, madcap antics, bewitching dancing, audience participation, beautifully delivered lines, and maybe even a mariachi band. Come feel young again!


Royals/Athenians: Any age

Theseus – (male) Duke of Athens. Authority figure. Anxious to marry Hippolyta. Has love and celebration on his mind.

Hippolyta – (male) Former Queen of Amazons (think Wonder Woman!). Regal! She and Theseus met in battle, which he won. She is not as anxious to marry as he is.

Egeus – (male) Hermia’s mean father. Insists on Hermia marrying Demetrius, whom he chose for her, or die. He rejects Lysander’s marriage suit, thinking him socially unworthy.

Philostrate – Head steward to Theseus; arranges entertainment for the royal wedding.

Athenians – Group of citizens similar to the Greek chorus; respond to the action on stage.

Athenian Soldiers

Young Lovers: Very physically demanding roles and line memorization

Hermia – (female) In love with Lysander and rejects Demetrius. She feels sorry for Helena with whom she has been friends since childhood. Is being forced to choose between marriage to one she does not love or death (yes, fathers had that control over their daughters). Hot tempered!

Lysander – (male) In love with Hermia. When her father refuses to allow him to marry her, he asks her to come with him to his aunt’s house (outside Athens) where they will be able to marry as they choose. Telling Helena they will meet in the woods leads to the confusing midsummer night that follows.

Demetrius – (male) In love with Hermia. He is more acceptable to her father because of his social stature, despite the fact that he has thrown over Helena for Hermia, which true noblemen did not do.

Helena – (female) She is so in love with Demetrius that she pursues him through the woods, even when he threatens her with harm. (The fact that she pursues him was shocking behavior for the time, but acceptable for comedy).

The Laborers: The Comic characters (think clowns!) Looking for over-the-top actors; lots of physical humor.

Bottom – A pompous but lovable weaver. Loud and bossy leader of the group. Plays “Pyramus” in Pyramus & Thisby, the play within the play (P&T). While rehearsing, Puck gives him the appearance of a donkey, in which form he becomes the object of Titania’s affection.

Flute – A bellows mender. Gets stuck playing “Thisby,” the girl’s part in P&T, probably because he is the youngest of the group. Must be able to create a high voice (part of the audition) and wear a dress (not part of the audition).

Snout – A tinker (fix-it man). Represents “Wall” that separates the lovers Pyramus & Thisby during the play within a play.

Starveling – Deaf, old, painfully shy tailor. Stumbles through the role of Moonshine in P&T.

Quince – Carpenter who is author and director of P&T the play that the tradesmen want to present at the royal wedding. Gives prologue to play within a play.

Snug – A surly and perhaps stupid joiner (steamfitter) who plays the lion in P&T.

Fairy World: Must create other worldliness, the forest, and magic through movement and sound.

Oberon – (male) Powerful Fairy King In a dispute with Titania over a boy she refuses to give him so he plays dirty putting her under a spell. Puts Demetrius under the same spell out of pity for Helena.

Titania – (female) Fairy Queen who is Oberon’s equal. She and her fairies avoid Oberon because she refuses to give up the orphaned son of one of her ladies-in-waiting.

Puck – An imp. Very athletic role, a jokester, enjoys causing trouble. Oberon’s right hand man. Might be double or triple cast to create the impression that he can disappear/reappear.

Fairies – PeaseBlossom, Cobweb, Moth, MustardSeed, First Fairy, & Others not named. Followers of Titania. They must move and dance throughout the forest, representing nature (flowers, birds, plant life).

Woodland Spirits – Followers of Oberon they move and dance throughout the forest, representing nature (wolf pack/lost boys).

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